Welcome at the Chair of Experimental Economics!

Holger Rau is a Visiting Professor of Experimental Economics. He received his doctoral degree in 2012 from the University of Düsseldorf. Afterwards he worked as post doc at the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg. In 2014 he became an Assistant Professor at the University of Göttingen.

His research interests are social preferences, gender differences in organizations, and financial markets. Latest projects focus on gender differences in labor makets and their impact on the gender-wage gap. He published in peer-reviewed journals such as European Economic Review, Journal of Banking and Finance, Journal of Conflict Resolution, Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, Economics Letters, and Journal of Economic Psychology.

The chair offers different lectures and seminars in the field of Behavioral and Experimental Economics. 


CHANGE in the time slot: Behavioral Economics: Theory and Experimental Methods

The first meeting of the class will be on

  • Thu, September 7, 12pm-3:15pm, room: P044





Prof. Dr. Holger A. Rau

Abteilung Volkswirtschaftslehre
Universität Mannheim
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68131 Mannheim

Room: 4.03

phone: +49-621-181-1894

email: holger.rau@uni-mannheim.de

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